Slow Burn after Nero 7

I upgraded from nero 6 to nero 7 recently and since then my cd/dvd burner doesnt runs very slowly. I reinstalled nero 6 (even tried roxio) and my burner is still not functioning correctly. In nero the buffer levels go up and down consistantly, and the burner starts and stops through out the process. it does eventually burn the cd/dvd, but it takes about 30mins. Its a 16x burner and i used to be able to burn dvds in less than 10mins. I suspect nero 7 messed around with some drivers or something but i dont know to fix it. my burner is a plextor px-716 running winxp.

I’m having the exact same problem.

Here is my DVD burner:

The Nero Express 6 that came along with it worked wonderfully at first, but now I have the same problem with the upgrade to Nero 7.

This is typically , but not always, a problem where DMA is not enabled for the device(s).
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Does it matter that my burner is an external burner using USB?

After looking through my settings, the Primary and Secondary IDE channels are already set to “DMA if available”.

I bought nero 7 and hated it so I changed back to my older version, much better. I would reinstall nero 6.x.x.x!

Anybody else have an answer?

i had the same problem,nero 7 started to burn dvd very slow.i solwed prob with uninstaling primary channel driver in ATA/ATAPI controlers in device manager,then it burn dvd like before