Slow bup speed

When i try to backup a DVD9 to DVD5 the rip speed is only around 2 mb/s and most DVDs seem to take over an hour to backup. This problem only started recently when i upgraded to the newer version.

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Just a curiosity: can you check if DMA is enabled?

Yup, sure sounds like a DMA issue and I second geno’s welcome to cdfreaks… :iagree:
Click the [B]Reset DMA [/B] button in [B]Common Settings [/B] in Fab and reboot as instructed.

If no go, or speed reverts to too slow…
there are two DMA links in my sig.
Read through and follow the suggestions. The second link contains a very informative article and VB Script file that you may need to run in order to reset DMA.

Hope this helps

Thankyou. I will try that later today once my computer stops defragging. I have already tryed the Reset DMA button, so now i will try some of those links.

I just tried this method of running the VB file and my drive is now set to DMA and my ripping speed is back to normal.

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:cool: Glad to hear you’re back up to speed… :iagree: