Slow boot with NEC2510A

Abit NF7S v2 3200AMD etc etc… I removed my Yamaha CD RW drive and installed a NEC2510A DVDRW. My bios says my first boot device is my hardrive. I did not update my Invidia drivers. DVD Xcopy works great and I can burn music cds with Roxie but my boot time is very slow compared to what it was with the Yamaha CD RW installed. Anyone with any suggestions? Thank You!

Just a thought, but have you ran the ‘IDE Detection’ routine in your bios? It may be that it’s attempting to still detect the Yamaha drive, and DMA may also not be enabled properly because of it.

Is it the boot time that’s slow (time between turning on the pute and the Windows XP logo appearing), or the Windows XP loading time? There could be two seperate issues that is causing the extended time…

Just a thought :slight_smile: