Slow board



Is this board that slow, or is it my modem


Yes, it’s slow.
It takes a long time to load a new page, and it’s not my modem.


it’s not the board
it’s the server
it’s slow sometimes…


Ok, right now is hij zeer snel.
A la speedy gonzales. DAT zullen we er dan maar bijnemen



Moving to a new provider was a bad choice in my opinion. It’s very frustrating to wait so long every time.
I hope you can solve this asap.



Hey go easy on the Poor Guy… it is the Provider’s fault and not his, not every Providor in the world likes to have CDFreaks listed in there Ranks, and I am just glad that the Providor hasn’t kicked us out yet

How can you tell I haven’t been Laid Lately… if any of you know any lonely women looking to be Canadian Citizen’s let me know… wink wink

Love ya all… eh


I agree with Westicle, but it sure is slow.
Maybe time for another server ??