Slow BlindWrite on my LiteOn 40125S

Hello, I’ve been trying to backup Sims Unleashed unsuccessfully through CloneCD but read that someone did it with BlindWrite. So I fire up blindread and read the image (Which takes a LONG time). Then when I fire up BlindWrite it seems to lock up but it really hasn’t the Cache Bar fills up to 100% then the Track bar SLOWLY fills up…I cut it off at 77 % after 2 hours the following is what I get from the event log of BlindWrite. WHat have I done wrong and why does it take so long…I’ll be going to sleep soon so I’ll leave it “burning” overnight hopefully when I wake up I’ll ahve my working backup…The program stays at writing LeadIn while the track bar fills up…is this normal? Unleashed seems to be protected by safedisk 2.8

I also wrote a file with the subcodes in it so it wouldn’t “generate” them but it still takes as long.

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1 (Build 2600)
Patin-couffin version 5 in use
Blindwrite Version
CAUTION : Using local data for CD writer.
Cd Unit report started at 09/30/2002 4:26:55 AM

VendorID : "LITE-ON "
UnitId : "LTR-40125S "
FwID : “ZS0N”
FwDate : “”
Drivers : 00000000/00000000/0000000000000017
Speeds : 48/40/12/12
Bsize : 2048
Flags : 00010

end of CD Unit report
Unit 2:1:0 - LITE-ON LTR-40125S ZS0N [E]
Writing mode : DAO PW
No subcodes in file. they’ll be generated
Sectors read : 30122
Sectors built: 150
CD is incomplete

Well I fixed the SLOW copying problem…I created another BlindRead file and added the subcodes option this time…and DAO Pq went at normal speed like it would on CloneCD or other burning software but I did not get a working backup of Sims Unleashed…I did not add the weak sector option since the LiteOn is supposed to write these fine…the person on the forum that did their backup had a Plex 24x…
Anyone have any success with Sims Unleashed?
Or should I not add the subcodes option and wait the hours it would take to burn?

Originally posted by Cyn

Or should I not add the subcodes option and wait the hours it would take to burn?

It shouldn’t make any difference with safedisc 2. You can use dao pq for that protection in any case.

Yep there’s no need extracting the subs when backing a SD game. It will only slow down the process.

BW is a bit buggy when enabling the alternative reading setting, it sometimes states your drive doesn’t suport it while it does. Did you enable alt reading? If not, that would be a good reason why (in addition to subs extraction) the reading process takes too long. Nibble mode should be prefered to multiple gaps also since you’re backing up an SD game.

Selecting reading subcodes did work though…I didn’t have a problem with the image reading it was just the writing that was slow, but when I used an image that had the subcodes in it, it worked fine like any other regular burn program, however I still don’t have a functional backup :frowning:

@ Cyn

See my response and suggestion here .