Slow bittorrent (weird case)



i know you guys discussed this issue a about a million and one times, but i couldnt really solve my problem with the other solutions. anyways.

My computer’s information:

I have no “router” as far as i know im hooked up to the internet with an external modem/surfboard (model: Motorola SB5100 surfboard cable modem) which is connected to my computer thru an ethernet cable to a network adapter (Model: Via Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter). My internet speed as shown from my “Local Area Connection” on my taskbar is a 100Mbps. I have “Spybot Search & Destroy” and “PC-Cillin 2001” installed on my computer, but i disabled the firewall in pc-cillin, i sometimes even totally shutdown pc cillin to make SURE its not firewalling. i dont know if “spybot S&D” has a firewall, i checked but couldnt find one, but i shut off the program anyways. i have windows XP professional service pack 1. My bit tornado has a port range from (10000 to 60000).

sorry if i gave you too much information but i dont know what kinda stuff you would need.anyways.

My problem is, when i download any torrents on bittorrent/tornado/azarus (I AM downloading New torrents With A lot of seeds, so i know its not a problem in the torrent its self)
the light on my bitornado is green which SHOULD suggest that everything is running normal but no, the highest speed i can get is about 10 k, which is NOTHING especially if im supposed to have a 100 Mb connection.

If anybody can help me please do, if you need more information just tell me what kindof info you need. Thanks a lot in advance.


What isp are you using? A lot are starting to implement bandwidth shaping techniques by slowing down p2p traffic. I suggest you take a look at uTorrent at

The newest build supports bit encryption with other users using the same client and azureus. Your speeds should go faster with this turned on, and increase as more users switch to these clients


The 100Mb connection is between the modem and your computer. In theory anyway.

The connection from your modem to the internet is definitely not 100Mb, nowhere close.

What speed rate are you currently subscribing to, as provided by your ISP? This speed will ultimately decide how fast you can u/l as well as d/l. Do not starve your u/l connection, as you will only receive fast d/l speeds when you share. Also keep in mind that d/l speeds ramp up, that is they take time.


how can i find what isp im using?
im suscribed to “HighSpeed/Cable Internet” whatever that is
I live in canada if that matters at all
I have my bittornado set on automatic…should i set it on “Fast cable”?

i have to say im pretty impressed by your speed guys :D, thnx in advance


Err… Have a look below and run a speed test for your line. You will want to pick the location closest to you for best results. You may also want to try more than one site and get an average.

Let us know the results and then we can best suggest ‘ideal’ settings.


ok there’s 4 types of test files i tried them all :
i set the modem type to “Cable” but every time i press the test button it switches to 33.6k modem, nyways here are the results

Adobe Lady.jpg 225455 bytes ---------------> 9958.32Kbps is your thruput

Highway_Traffic_Act.txt 620871 Bytes -------> 3399.86Kbps is your thruput

Telecommunications_act.txt 334175 Bytes —> 3058.82Kbps is your thruput

Squigly.jpg 10256 Bytes---------------------> 384.51Kbps is your thruput

These tests where made at

im going to have to say i dont understand a word of that stuff but you sound like you do lol.thnx agin


i just did some more tests this time at

i got a bit more impressive results…i think?

Time Elapsed: 6.3078091144562 Seconds
Transfered: 3260928 bytes
4038.80 KiloBits / Second


Sounds good, have an idea about what your d/l speeds are. Now you need to run a test to see what your u/l speeds are.

Try that and let us know. The u/l (upload) will always be slower than the d/l (download)


BTW, I don’t have the foggiest idea what any of this means either. I’m just making it up as I go… :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


do you know what company supplies your internet? I’m in canada too and iirc, shaw and cogeco are slowing down p2p traffic and I think rogers might be doing that too. If you’re with any of thse companies, you’re going to have to change to a bittorrent client with protocol encryption (utorrent, azureus)


The speed test at cogeco will tell him his domain name, hopefully his ISP isn’t throttling p2p traffic.


yeh i have rogers
lol is that bad?


i canr find that test your talking about at


Try the link in post #8


yeah, rogers is throttling p2p traffic. Only way to get around it is to use a bitorrent client that supports encryption, i suggest utorrent, you can get it at




1- i did the test and these are the results speed test result on 2006-03-21 19:03:06 EST:
4708 / 385
Your download speed : 4708 kbps or 588.5 KB/sec.
That is 46.9% better than an average user on

Your upload speed : 385 kbps or 48.1 KB/sec.
That is 24.2% worse than an average user on

2- i tried out UTorrent v1.5 (stable)…i gota say im pretty impressed, its not a memmory hog like bittornado/azarus/bittorrent/bitcomet…it gave me just a little more than what i used to get on bittornado.

my maximum upload with UTorrent now is 15k when my upload is like 39?, but still 15k is better than 10, anyways…

hope you got what you needed to know from that data, thnx in advance


You could prolly set the u/l limit up to as high as 30-35k without any negative impact. If the ISP indeed does throttle, then it doesn’t matter what it’s set at, as it will be whatever they limit it to. If however they do not throttle, than setting your u/l higher will give you faster downloads. It’s called file-sharing, not file-downloading. The more you share, the faster transfers you’ll get.


If you are on Shaw or Rogers the use a IP Service Control System from Ellacoya Networks to throttle p2p traffic.

:cool: :cool:


OK so far everything you said is logical…except theres a note i didnt tell you, my friend lives across the street from where i am, has rogers just like me, signed up to the same service as i did, and hes getting 300k down on the same torrent im getting 15-20 at? go figure lol. still guys any help would be greatly aprecciated. and by the way im pretty sure im not choking my connection by having too much upload cuz i played with it a little to find out that i only get lower download rates whenever i change it to be a lower value. t hnx in advance