Slow backup

just bought a new notebook.
M.S. vista premium
Intel Pentium Dual-CoreMoble T2060
1MBCache 1.60 GhZ 533 MHZ fsb
vdfab plat. newest ver
It Takes app 30min to copy and app.8min to burn.

this seams very slow compaired to my home computer.

Is this time about right or is it as slow as I think?


The copy time is a little long, depending on the length of the movie, but not way out of line. One of my machines runs about that, another is about 10 minutes faster. Burn time is right about what I get for shorter movies, 4-5 minutes more for longer titles. Try clicking the “Reset DMA” button in Common Settings–or post a burn log, which will have the DMA status of the drive if it is the same one you use to read the original disc.

Thats about how long my comp takes. 25-32 mins to copy/compress to dvd5 on my hd, depending on dvd size, and around the 8 min range to burn to a dvd.

Hi benham and welcome to the forum. I agree with what signals said. He’s the man ! Also, you might want to make sure you don’t have anything else running in the back ground you don’t absolutely need. You didn’t mention how much RAM/Memory you were running in your notebook. My guess is hopefully a gig. at least. But since you are running Vista Prem. which is truely a memory hog, anything else that’s on and drawing resources, will hurt your Fab performance. Also, don’t be online either. That will slow you down too. If you check all of these little things, they may add up to a big savings. Again, check what signals said too. Good Luck. ~ Mike
Edit - My back ups run on average for full movie mode, 16 to 18 min. read times and 5 to 5 1/2 mins. write.

Had another thought, did you check the reset DMA button in common settings to see if that helps? Just guessing here. Don’t really know diddley squat about notebooks, just assuming they are set up like desktops. So correct me if I’m wrong ok !. ~ Mike


Recently bought DFAB Plat and am new to the forum. My read times on most movies I backup are running 40-50 minutes and write times are almost the same. I have been reading on the forum and trying to put my setting on what I have picked up on what should work best for me but the times are still really long. For instance I backed up “Memoirs of a Geisha” it took 1hr. 10 min. to read and 1hr. to write. Is this normal times for this movie? Don’t get me wrong I love DFAB but just wondering about the times when I see other people taking 10-20 minutes to read movies.


Hi Blossman and welcome to cdfreaks,

No, it’s not normal to take this long, but it may, depending on your system (I seriously doubt this is normal for you).
My guess is this is a DMA issue.
Assuming your system falls into “average”, here’s what I’d recommend.

First off, click the [B]Reset DMA [/B] button in Common settings in Fab and reboot per instructions.

If no luck, read through and follow the guides in my sig:
[B]How to check DMA [/B] and[B] More DMA Help[/B].
The second link contains a great article explaining this stuff and a VB Script file that you will need to run…if you get this far and it’s still not resolved.
Don’t worry, this won’t hose your system.
Any problems, just post back…or post back anyway and let us know…

Hope this helps.

Blossman hello and welcome to the forum
Please open common settings and click on “Reset DMA” this will or should help your read and write time.
Just in case you do not know how to open common settings when you start DVDFab at the top right you will see a small round button that has a gear on it click on it and click on the drop down that says “Common Settings”

Well Tom I was typing when you posted your reply guest I just type to slooooow :doh:

Hey Tim…just one more example of great minds thinking alike…erhh…
great slow, senile minds… :bigsmile:

Hello stormjumper
I have done that once and it didn’t seem to help but I will try again to be sure. Will let you know what happens. Thanks

OK Tom so I have a mind that is senile :smiley: can’t seem to get it replaced I’m told it is outdated and no longer under warranty :bigsmile:

I tried “Reset DMA” and it still showed 1hr to back up. I’m using Verb disc 1x-4x S/L. :confused:

What DVD Drives are you using to read and write with :confused: I have a friend that has a Dell PC and his Reader and Burner is only 2.4 at top speed :doh: .
Also have you checked in Device Manager is see if DMA is set some times need to uninstall the drive and let windows rerinstall it :confused:
But before you do something like that I would try changing the write speed in common settings from Recommended to 4xfirst to see if it helps thats if DMA is set in Device Manager :smiley:

DMA is set in device manager write speed is 4x in comming settings. dvd writer is 4x. I have
hp a520n, hp dvd writer 300n, samsung cd-rom sc148a ,160gb hd, 512mb ram. :confused: Are these times normal for the system I have

can anyone else tell me if this is normal time :confused: just wondering if it is my computer or just me. thanks

The burning stratagies vary from drive to drive mine usally says 1hour or so at the start but as time goes by it reads/write faster.Actual time winds up being about 30 min. to read 8 min. to write.Hope this helps

the times on mine stay the same from the start. write times usually take as long as the read times. everything else but the seemingly slower times works fine so far.

Please post a burn log maybe someone will see a problem.