Slow Australian TV stations feel the wrath of Bittorrent

Well, it’s not just the lagging schedule that puts us Aussies off TV. There’s the usual reasons like hating commercial breaks and being forced to watch shows at the time they are aired (unless one records the show). Anyway, it’s nice to have collections of TV shows sitting on your hard drive so you can watch any ep you want within a few seconds. I would probably still choose to download even if there was no timing delay. Most people are unaware that it’s possible to download TV eps from the internet and then there’s the extremely small percentage of people who actually do download/share them. Ask any TV station if they have plans to offer shows online and they will just say that there is not enough demand.

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 DamnedIfIknow used our news submit to tell us that a study  conducted by Alex Malik a former general counsel for the Australian Recording  Industry Association (ARIA) that BitTorrent is being...
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Simple economic theory “supply and demand” Here demand far exceeds supply. Along with annoying ad’s etc its not just a thing in Austrialia its a fad here in the UK too.

I have said this before too. There are entirely too many commercials on TV. I think it is time to abandon the 30 or 60 second spot and go with product placement. I cannot watch TV anymore it drives me nuts with the blistering pace of advertisers… So I guess I better get a TiVo or sumpthin’. :d

Gee how long did Alex Malik spend on this study and how much did he charge ARIA? A quick read of cdfreaks over the past months would have been all he needed, it shows how much out of touch the ARI are if they needed an expert to tell them what is common knowledge and is mentioned in one of our largest weekly TV Guides (The AGE Green Guide) in the letters section every week. The delay is one thing but when they drop the shows halfway through the series and then claim 'that is the end of the current series", they are so stupid that they don’t know we are able to refute their lies through the Web! (praise be the Lord of Tech!!) Plus the fact that they cut bits out to fit in more adds.(unlike the US. Au. is 'SELF REGULATING" meaning they (the networks)can shove in as many adds as like until the viewers complain,( as if they take any notice of us).Downloading is the only way we can feed our addiction, lest they want to see us in manic depressive fits waiting for West Wing to finally start. (stopped halfway through season 5 a year ago and told that was the end of the current series)

I don’t mind ads breaks, after all that is their income. Aussie FTA TV is notorios for not caring about their audience, moving programs and playing them out of order. I would be interested in downloading episodes, just as well there was a fair use of these files. As usual we will have to wait for this sort of service, longer than most other places.

OZ tv is simply awful, we used to give up watching films at night because the ad breaks got ridiculous. quality of programming there is utter crap

You have to remember in any medium, the public is NOT the customer. It is the advertisers that are the customer. We only think that we are the customer because it has been programmed into our heads. The whole point of TV is for advertisers to sell spots on programs taht we find popular, and the tv stations dump whatever is not popular so they can keep their ad revenue. Simple.

Thought it is true that Advertising drives TV, the lead time between product acceptance and TV ratings holds no resemblance to reality! An effective Add campaign can only be judged long after the TV show has finished it’s season. Networks want instant ratings these days and are not prepared to wait until a show gains popularity before axing it. A case in point is 'Lost" (we have been told)having secured good ratings they (?) have decided to start the second season only one month after the second finishes, what a brilliant idea! I hope it catches on. Although there is a lot to be said for UK TV who (on the whole) only demand six episode blocks for most of their shows and produce some of the best written shows in the world (EG. Wire In The Blood, Silent Witness, Red cap, Spooks to name just a few.) if only we could marry both ideals and have our favorite series appear for six weeks, one month’s break then a guaranteed return one month later! (wait a minute isn’t that what they did with lost? And some other series in the US?)

As an Aussie I personally dont watch TV anymore (except hear it in the bakground) at all and in my house the general concensus is that its all S***!!! I suppose one of the most annoying things besides excessive advertising is how the Australian film industry tend to try and make there own Aussie Versions of TV shows for example Queer Eye For The Straight Guy which the Aussie version i swear wouldnt have lasted 2 months!! I agree with Khan in regards to ads… cept for some reason i always used to feel that they put more ads on as the movie progressed… (maybe its just me) I get all my tv shows along with mates off BT now cos tv airing times etc. are S***! As well as the fact i can go right back to Season 1 of Stargate and right up to the new eps about to be Season 9 eps and Atlantis and watch them anytime. Heck I can have my own marathon. bye bye cinema :slight_smile: To put it blunty TV in aus sux! regurgitated, rebadged US TV that usually fails!!! We the ppl have no power UNLESS UNITED!!! ‘djharry’