Slow as death rip speeds on my PX-716a

Ok i did a search and checked my settings wich is set to DMA I am running a p4 3.2 with i gig of ddr 400 ram I have the umph needed to burn and rip well but for some reason its taking forever to rip a dvd… any idea on how to fix this?

How slow?
What is the DMA setting, ie UDMA2 or UDMA4?
Let us know the Burst Rate using Nero CD/DVD Speed.

UDMA 4 and the burst was 34MB/s …
The strange part of this is that dvd dycryptor will rip at max speed ALL the time while dvd shrink rips real slow…im not sure how to fix this but did i make a mistake in buying the plextor PX-716a?

the 716 is a damn good ripper IMHO (reasonably fast and reads scratched discs very well)…i believe when ripping with Shrink you’re also compressing which explains why it’s much slower than Decryptor…

Using Dycrypt and Shrink with the 716A and only taking out foreign audio and leaving in the extras:

dycrypt average for me is 13 minutes give or take although many older movies will dycrypt in as low as 4-5 minutes… less extra features I assume.

shrink [automatic compression] encoding is a bit longer. sometimes 16 minutes or less…

Burn time 3-4 minutes

I use verbatim 16x +R…

I suppose I could tweak it all a bit but I’m not sure how.

I,m not a mad scientist when it comes to burning dvd’s
so I’m happy that I have burned well over 400 movies with the 716A without as much as 1 coaster…

Comes out to 2 movies with all extras per hour for me.
I don’t have a train to catch everytime I burn but if I did
I would probably play with tweaking it to some degree.


Try holding down the eject button for >3 seconds, then put in the disc to be ripped, and try again.

You’ll want to hang on to that burner, seeing as it’s the World’s Fastest. Move over crossg and zevia, this one’s got you beat by 2 full minutes!

When I put the blank disk in right before encoding,

I do hold the eject button till it flashes 3 x…

I do remember when I burned the 1st couple movies It was slow as hell till I looked at"burn settings" in decrypt and saw that max burning speed was low numbers and 16x wasn’t even showing up.
That’s when someone told me to re-boot the 716A or hold the eject button.
The max speed of 16 would magically appear as it should have the 1st time so it burns at 22,000 kbs or k something.
Also using good media so I assume that helps it along.

Actually, I should correct the burn time as 4- 6 minutes.
I just burned a Ben Kingsley movie called Sexy Beast as follows:
Dycrypt time= 6min/47 seconds
Shrink time: 3:00
Burn time- 5min/11 seconds.

The movie must not have a lot of extras because the
shrink/dycrypt was extra fast even for me but the burn time seems to be always consistent no matter what size the movie is.

It also should be noted that the movie :Sexy Beast" was a disk that had already been thru dycrpyt/shrink previously
so I assume that the whole converting time would be faster?
I only ran it thru again too see if it would be faster than doing a regular copy thru Nero.
Don’t know or remember what the original times were.

I made a copy of the The “Italian job” thru nero which was already washed some time ago.

read to hardrive time- 6:51
burn time - 4:58
I did not include spin down times…
I assume my plextor 716A is working fine but I’m sure it helps to have all your ducks in a row too.
hardware/software/settings etc working right with no conflicts…