Slow 52x Lite-On Drive

I just bought a new Lite-On 52x24x52x CD burner and I can never get the burner to reach it’s full speed in either recording or reading the disc. I have a DVD-Rom drive on the same IDE channel also. Also the media I am using is 52x certified. The drive spins fast at first but then slows down between the speeds 8x and 30x. Is there something I am missing or is this how the drive is supposed to perform?

Make sure DMA mode is enabled for the drive (for all drives in the system, actually…) Otherwise the system may be unable to feed data to/from the drive fast enough.

Yeah,enable DMA
Also, if you are running a VIA system, make sure you have the latest chipset drivers from
If you have an Intel system, install the Ultra ATA storage drivers and the IAA from

I have checked DMA and it is on. Also I downloaded an updated version of the VIA chipset driver. Nothing has resulted from these two steps. Could there be something wrong with my hardware for this to occur?

I have the same problem. I’m running winxp, tbirb 1ghz–>1.2ghz, kt7-raid mobo, 2x256ram, 2x120gb HD.

My drive only reads at 20x according to NeroSpeed, I have tried updating VIA mobo drivers, the 4-in1s, and also installing the drivers seperately. I have noticed when i install seperately, the file “IDEFilter120a”, the IDE Filter driver, causes the drive to stop working completely. Btw, this is fresh install, i formatted last week.

I checked if DMA was enabled, and in Device manager, it said it was running at Multiword DMA Mode 2. I have used the VIA bus mastering tool though, and it says the drive is capable of udma/33. I couldn’t find a way to change it. Any suggestions?

Hi Guys,
Not sure if it’ll help, had the same probs a few days ago, on my IDE 1 I had a PIONEER DVR-104 as master and Lite-on 48125w as slave, the Lite-on would not read above 28x and write above 24x, I swapped the writers over so the Lite-on is now master and dvr-104 is now slave and all seems OK, can reach speeds of 48x and also write at 48x no probs, hope this may help you guys…


I really have no idea what the problem is but I am starting to think it is a problem with Windows XP. I’ll test that one out today. The reason why I think this is because I also put my old 8x4x32x burner to a test and it resulted in nothing higher than an 8x read. So I would have never seen the write problem because the drive read at the same speed as it recorded in this case.

The drive spins fast at first but then slows down between

This can be caused by poor media. the rating of the media is no assurance that it will work in your drive.

Yeah its probably winxp, in my case, i took out my other cdrom, leaving only the liteon 52 on the ide slot(my HDs are hooked to the other ATA/100 connectors on the mobo). I have tried with at least 10 different brands of media that can burn/read at 52x.

Ok, I decided to restore my main partition to an earlier version of Windows (Windows ME) and the speed of the drive has increased a bit. But the drive still hasn’t reached it’s max speed. Also the shape of the graph generated in Nero CD Speed hasn’t changed. The speed stays constant but the RPM lowers. Also a few notes I have are that when burning a CD or testing the drive the mouse cursor starts to behave rather stangely and whenever I start to move the mouse constantly the transfer speed and RPM start to rise magicly. Also I updated the firmware. Any insite as to what is happening here?