SLOT loading drives, scratches, etc

For those who have them:

Have you found that slot-loading drives (versus tray or top load), over time, scratch your discs? Apple’s been using them on their laptops, both Nintendo Wii and PS3 use it for their drives, I’m wondering if anyone has had discs scratch with these drives, since there is physical contact every time you eject and insert a disc…

I noticed, on putting a brand-new CD (just out of the package) into a car CD player (actually a 2-month old car, so new as well!) that upon ejecting, it had small scratches on it from being ejected - very minor, but they were there - I’m wondering the effects over time.


Car stereo’s have always seemed to scratch for me.

But the iMac I have is very, very gentle with the disks. Perhaps cause it’s on the side instead of horizontal.

I would not get a slot-drive if I had the option. Just personal preference.

they may cause fine scratches, but Ive never had a cd fail from scratches (cd rot yes, but thats a different story), some of my cds are 20yrs old and I’ve been using slot loading car stereos for 10 years.