Slopwing the read speed down on 160P6S

I have recently replaced the drive in my Liteon 5005 DVD recorder with 160P6S drives. All works well except for fast forwarding, which locks it up. Its been suggested on another forum that this may be because the new drive reads too fast, 2x is normal for these recorders and I would like to try this theory out. It seems Omnipatcher can set read speed in firmware but Omnipatcher does not work on 6S drives.

any ideas?


I just looked at the firmware on the old drive I had removed and it is pretty much a 8x drive. With that xxx3s drive I can easily set the read speed using Omnipatcher. Because the fast forward problem only happens with DVD +/-R. commercial DVD and not DVD RW the “too fast” theory makes sense to me, so I am looking for a way to set the 6S drives which I am pretty sure will run at 16x or better to x8 read speed.