Sloowww Burn



I researched a couple months ago and bought a Benq1640. What with being away for the summer and the start of school, I didn’t get it in my computer and try it out until yesterday. I know I learned a bunch while I was researching, but most of the relevant info that I need now I can’t recall.

So anyway, I put in a YUDEN000 T02 and filled it with a couple episodes of anime and clicked burn (so all the settings should be default). I used Nero. However, the entire disc took about 2hours to burn at 16x! :Z Also when I tried to play it back, the video was ok most of the time but the sound was choppy. This was in the drive I burned it in. I took the DVD over to my other computer and it played just fine. I tried to run the Disk Quality Test (in the Benq1640), but that was also VERY slow. I quit 13 minutes into it (not even half way through), but if I remember correctly the info in the attachment isn’t too bad. Might it be something with the firmware or something (can’t remember what I read :o )?

If anyone can point me in the right direction on how to fix the speed or tell what more information I need to include and how to find it, I would appreciate it GREATLY. Thank you very much. :bigsmile:


Could be a simple case of DMA not being enabled. To Check:

1 Hit the Windows Button and Pause/Break > Select Hardware
3 On the PRIMARY and SECONDARY (secondary is generally where your Opticals sit) IDE CHANNELS, open up their PROPERTIES display.
5 Make sure that TRANSFER MODES is set to DMA IF AVAILABLE. and not PIO.


Woah, talk about fast response!

Thanks for the suggestion, but both primary and secondary have DMA IF AVAILABLE. Any other ideas?


Now that the simple possibility is out the window it gets a lot harder to diagnose. Could you post the specs of your Machine - IDE Drivers and maybe a nero log? When you said DMA if Available what did it have in the box below?


What the heck drive/firmware is that!?

Oh, and “DMA If Available” is not what you’re looking for. What it is actually set to (the greyed out box near that selection) would be much more helpful.


Oh ok. Well as you see, the second greyed out box is PIO. Is that the problem? But how am I supposed to change if DMA is not available? And there is the driver. Do you also want the specs for the primary channel?

And er, as for the other things… What is a nero log (where to find it)? I can’t remember how to do firmware (maybe I should go over to the Benq forum and find out again…).

EDIT: Oh oops! Don’t know if this will make a big difference but I just realized I have a 1620! not 1640. Sorry.


screenshot of the primary would be nice (your hard drive probably on it unless its sata) also check dma settings in bios make sure its set to auto , specify how your drives/hds are connected whats on primary master/slave and secondary master/slave


Here is the primary.

And I hate to sound like an idiot, but how do I check those other things again?


run nero infotool ,if you dont have nero then get infotool by clicking here goto “configuration” tab and take a screenshot , as for the bios dma settings cant answer that without knowing the motherboard model


Here it is.


Don’t know if this will help.


Your Benq is seen as a Generic slave and DMA is off. Try going into Device Manager and Changing your IDE/ATAPI Port Driver with another one available in the list.


I see, so that’s why. Umm… so go to Device Manager and changing what with what on what list? Sorry…


expand “ide ata/atapi controllers” right click “secondary ide channel” click “uninstall” and "yes’ and restart , if it wont resolve it then get the chipset driver click here , since its a dell i cant tell you exactly where to find the dma settings in bios afaik dell dont offer motherboard manuals on their site so youll have to find where it is yourself and when youll find it set it to auto


I haven’t had several days to post here, but I just wanted to thank everyone who helped. The solution was suprisingly easy and your instructions pointed me in the right direction. At bootup I entered setup and found that while my UDMA was on, the secondary slave IDE drive was off. All I had to do was turn it on. It plays the DVD fine now. I burned another one in seven minutes (12x) and finished the data verification in another twelve minutes. Talk about reduced time! Thanks for all you help and patience in putting up with my computer illiteracy.