Sloooow Ripping speeds HELP ? :(

I recently have changed quite a few things on my Computer, clean install of Win 2k and also a new dvd burner lite-on 401s i believe. my prob is now that i have it all up and running again i tried ripping a DVD previously i had rip times of like 7x -9x and could rip a dvd in usually less than 10 minutes give or take this was with a lite-on 16x reader ( which was master and is now slave ) I am getting same slow ripping no matter what drive dvd is in. also tried smartripper and it is about the same spead i am getting like 1.3x now and havn’t botherd actually ripping a whole disk i think it would take well over an hour. :frowning: i was using Win 2k server OS before but dont see how that would change it.

any advice or help would be greatly apreciated :slight_smile:



PS i am fairly new to all this ripping and burning stuff so count that in to your thoughts it might be something real simple i am just missing ??

Have you checked to make sure that DMA is enabled for the drive? Might you have forgot to install the latest drivers for your motherboard?

ok I feel silly now :slight_smile: It was the DMA , i thought i had checked it before but must have clicked on the primary one twice.:rolleyes: so yes its fixed now :slight_smile: :slight_smile: thank you very much Dave !!:bow:


Where do you check for DMA enabled? In BIOS?

@Charles D…what program do you use to rip DVDs??

I have only used smartripper so I dont know what else is good.


You can check DMA by doing the following:

  1. Go to the Device Manager
  2. Find your IDE Controllers.
  3. Double click on the first/second IDE Channel.
  4. Go to Advanced Settings - You should see your DMA statuses there.

sorry i havent looked on here for a couple days and didnt see your question. i mostly use DVD Decrypter although i have the smartripper also both seem to work well for me, keep in mind i havent ripped that many movies for backup i am kinda new at this. decrypter is also freeware and a small program so its an easy fast download.
you might give it a try and see what you think.


I will defintely give DVD Decrypter a try.

As far as the DMA settings…

this is my configuration:
Primary Master = WD 40GB JB series = “DMA if available”
Primary Slave = WD 60GB BB series = “DMA if available”
Secondary Master = BENQ 32x12x40x CD-RW = “PIO only”
Secondary Slave = Samsung 16x DVD-ROM = “DMA if available”

Should I change any of these settings?

change the benq to DMA if available.

OK…will change when I get home…

What kind of difference will this make, if it is able to use DMA?

you definately want the DMA enabled when my drives didnt have the dma “turned on” they were not only very slow. they made the processor work almost 100 % when ripping. now rip times are back to normal, usually under 10 minutes, and my processor usage is only like 20 % or something. so it made a big differance for me. let me know if it helps yours out as much as mine. for me it was like night and day !


Now…did it make a big improvement in ripping DVDs or CD audio?

Because, my DVD rom was already set to DMA is available, so I dont think I will see a difference in ripping DVDs.