I am new to this whole DVD burning thing. The main problem I have is the fact that my MAD DOG MD-18XTLAE is experiencing extremely slow read and write speeds. I just purchased this burner a week ago and still have not been able to get to GO FASTER. It takes 2++ :a hours to copy a DVD and 2+ :a hours to burn it. Can anyone tell me whats going on??
I am using the Sony Lightscribe media. My laptop has a 1.9GHz processor.
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right click my computer…click properties…hardware…device manager…ide controllers and look for your drive…when you find it…click on advanced and see if yours is set to ultra dma 2…if not…set it there


Sounds like it is hooked up to a USB1 port.


LOL…yeah…i just realized that

i’m guessin that your laptop doesn’t have usb 2


It has two USB ports…Is one faster than the other?


Nevermind, I got the info I need from another thread after you guys pointed me in the right direction. THANKS :bow: