Sloooooow burnung speeds with benq 1620



Ok, ive already searched this forum, and read all other related threads, but none seem to solve my problem…

I have a benq 1620 pro currently with B7T9 firmware, and its taking me 25+ minutes to burn a 4 gig data dvd at 8x AND 16x.

I already checked my burst rate and its somewhere at 19-20 MBS (AFTER i already fixed DMA settings. Before i fixed DMA settings, it was at a measley 2 MBS)

ive tried the P9, U9 AND V9 firmwares, and all burn at this atrocious speed. any ideas?

im not much of a computer techie, and all i know of my pc’s specs are that its a Pentium 4 1.7, with 246 RAM and currently 1.4 gig free HD space.

Any other tips and help will be greatly appreciated


I see two problems. :eek:
I take it thats your primary HD and you only have one?
I would at least double your ram and how does your pc run with only 1.4 gigs free? I find any time a pc’s HD is more then 3\4 full the pc has problems. :confused:


Is DMA enabled?


yes, dma is enabled, thats how i was able to increase the burst rate from 2 to 20 MBS.

Well, the primary rason i bought the burner was to free space…ill free moer space then do a defrag…hopefully the speed increases by then,. As for the ram, well, i dont have money to upgrade right now (sinec i chose to buy a burner, hehe), so if thats the reason for the slow burn, i guess ill have to live with it then. Thanks guys.


Leave 14 GB of free space if you want to backup movie. Hard drives are cheap.