Slobodan Milosevic found dead in prison cell



Any comments?


I’ll not miss him (or maybe is better say “[B]it[/B]”) for sure! :a :a :a

And this is not sufficient for all innocent people died because of [B]its[/B] cruelty, but I’m sure that [B]it[/B] will receive the right punishment from God!

:flower: sorry for my angry tone in the answer


Will “Yay!” do?

Hehe…I’m not usually one to feel glad at someone’s death, but I feel this is slightly different…:slight_smile:


I don´t care how he died (conspiracy theories yet?)…just a pity he wasn´t made to suffer as his people did.
Ditto Geno…let God deal with it now.


Yeah, I agree with other posts…the world is a better place without the likes of him. As far as justice…I don’t think we could have adequately “prescribed” his punishment here on this planet anyway.


He may become more popular than ever among his followers now. Pity the trial couldnt finish.


that is sad Airhead…he will now become a martyr for his followers…but I also agree with Geno…let God deal him his final punishment!


Don’t be sad , i’m sure he’ll always have someone pissing on his grave …


Like Airhead mentioned: "Pity the trial couldnt finish."
Now they will say he was innocent (until proven guilty) and that’s not a good thing!


It would really fry me…but I know where the all important trial is…and I KNOW justice WILL be served…(no insanity plea’s upstairs)


Don’t worry, he’s chained next to Eichmann, Borman, Hitler, Goebbles and Mengele in that very hot place downstairs, trying to play Canasta.


^ :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:
Probably the only plus side is that it will save the authorities miilions of pounds (dollars or whatever) in not having the trial and then taking care of him for what would have been the rest of his life.


Exactly, stroppy…exactly!!!.. :iagree:


Their all pissed off they did not get their circus ending. 200 million down the drain, what a waste. the whole process should have taken a week tops. Oh well it’s not coming out of my pocket. :disagree:


Was last seen with Elvis moving into a French home overlooking the sea :slight_smile:


(CNN) – The United Nation’s chief prosecutor in The Hague says Slobodan Milosevic’s death is a “great pity for justice” and makes it “more urgent than ever” to bring other war crimes fugitives to trial. Carla Del Ponte told reporters a day after the former Yugoslav leader was found dead in his prison cell that victims have been deprived of “the justice they need and deserve.”

“It is a great pity for justice that the trial will not be completed and no verdict will be rendered,” she said Sunday in The Hague.

How tragic: They did not get their pound of flesh. If they would have got up out of their butts it might have happened. They Tried him to death. Their loss, not mine. What a mockery.

You might start calling the Hague a bunch of old Hague’s


rotfl :wink: :clap: :bigsmile:


too bad saddam hasn’t pulled the same trick


Give it some time :iagree:


Only the dead are really free?