Sllllooooooooowwwww ND-2500A...what happend?

hello to all

i have my 2500a as a slave (i think - its below my CD drive on my Dell…i swapped out the regular CDRW drive for this) and have had it for 2 months now. I have not had one single error. I used DVD Shrink to rip and burn my DVD backups. Well, it used to take ~40min to rip, and ~15min to burn, all the while i could browse the web and do whatever without any problems.

Well, now it takes nearly 3 times as long to do everything, and it REALLY slows down my computer to the point where’s its impossible to do anything at times.

Someone suggested that the drive’s transfer and current transfer mode got changed to PIO mode…it seems it did. iwas advised to switch the transfer mode to Ultra DMA if available, unistall drive, unplug, and reinstallthe drive to no avail. it is still taking forever (but at least no errors). i have no idea what do to, and this is prett disconcerting. please, any help is appreciated :frowning:

many thanks

Defragment your hdd and see if that helps.

i actually do need to do that, but im pretty sure that wont have an effect on the the drive’s reading/writing speed =/

i read the troubleshooting thread once i posted this (sorry) and actualyl did the same things that were suggested there (resetting to DMA, rebooting, even reinstalling drive) but its still sloooooooooow


The Transfer Mode should be Ultra DMA Mode 2. Check again if it is so.

i am not at my home computer, but do remember that despite picking “Ultra DMA if available” for the transfer mode and rebooting, it still set the current transfer mode to “PIO”…even once i reinstalled the drive…

uninstall the drive is not enough, try uninstall the driver for your IDE controllers too

I had the exact same problem a few days ago, but found that my hard drive was running in PIO. Did some research and found out that if Windows XP encounters several (6 was the number I read) CRC errors, it will automatically lock the device as PIO. Removed the IDE Controller, rebooted, and allowed Windows to reinstall the device driver and everything ran fine again. Good luck.

Uninstalling IDE channel

awesome, will try uninstalling the entire IDE (the secondary i think) Channel tonight! Thanks, will let you know if it works :smiley:

(im assuming i just go into Device Manager and right click the IDE CHannel and pick uninstall, then just reboot? do i need to unistall the drive as well??

Uninstallation of the IDE channel removes the devices so you do not have to uninstall the drive(s).

it WORKED :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

thanks everyone!

Enjoy your burning now ! :wink:

As an aside, physical placement of a drive in relation to others is no way to determine whether a device is master or slave.

I am getting better :smiley: I was going to tell him the same thing :slight_smile: I love having experience!