Slipstreaming XP and SP2

I’m trying to slipstream my xp home (oem) disc with SP2, but when i try to burn it with nero i don’t get the same nero screen as womble (see stickies)

if you notice i don’t have any info on the 2 left hand side colums

do you know where i’m going wrong

It simply looks like you havent added anything to the disk.

Come on Bjproc give us a little more info.

I followed your steps up untill i got to that screenshot above and everything went good, isobuster went ok then i went to nero and followed the instructions right up untill the burn part where there didn’t appear to be any files on the left hand side, (i don’t use nero a lot but when i do it’s nero express i use) i did burn a disc but it only took a minite, so i new it didn’t work, also nothing shows on the disc, i’ll try again for the third time, same out come no data on the left.

sry, not too sure what this means :o

All you have to do then is to copy the directory it creates into the Windows CD directory that you have created on your hard drive.

cheers for that link, it’s working, the bit i was doing wrong was, i wasn’t dragging the files over to the left :o as i said earlier i don’t use nero much, only express, we live & learn.


There is a much simpler way to create a SP2 slipstreamed XP CD. Download and run Autostreamer:

No messing with creating directories or dragging stuff into Nero or Easy CD Creators windows. No messing with boot image stuff.

You point to the XP CD, the SP2 .exe, and tell it where to write the output .iso file. 5-10 minutes later it’s done. I was very happy with it since I have Roxio Media Creator 7 which doesn’t work to create a bootable, slipstreamed CD with the current existing directions.

Once you have the .iso file you can burn it with almost any burner program. Roxio worked fine for me.

Thanks for that.

I’ve also tried a program called nlite, from a thread a while back, very easy to do.

nlite is awesome and very easy to actually do, but it’s a little too technical for me. I always want to know what every option means. Someday I’m going to go through nlite and look everything up and have the best OS installation cd ever.

i love that you can input the serial number onto the cd so it doesn’t ask for it during installation.

dam, i missed that bit, will have to run it again. but i’m away to the pub tonight, enjoy your evening :slight_smile:

it’s under “unattended installation” or something like that…anything that the windows cd asks for user unput on during installation can be automated so you can just let it run.

will it let you slip the damn serial chipset drivers in where you don’t need a floppy disk and F6?

there’s a section in nlite to add all of your drivers to the disk. i think you can also put in programs, but I’m not positive…like i said, a lot of the options were a little over my head.

it’ll be a nice weekend project for me some week when I have time.