SlimtypeCOMBO LSC-24082K Firmware help

I have a Gateway laptop and i was wanting to find a firmware for this drive.

it is a LiteOn model, however when i use the firmware from the LiteOn site it doesnt work.

The thing I notice is that the firmware now is SlimtypeCOMBO LSC-24082K, and the file on the LiteOn site wants Slimtype COMBO LSC-24082K. there is a space between Slimtype and COMBO. I dont know if this firmware will make any difference or what, but i want know why it will not work for me.

The firmware from LiteOn cannot work because you have a Gateway OEM drive.

i found a LiteOn program that removes OEM and allows to flash to Retail.

it works now

now i have problem reading DVD+R DL disk, problem even before flashing firmware.

What firmware version is now on the drive?

And what specific media (mediacode) do you have problems with?


how can i find this specific software? i have the same problem with the same drive (in an acer laptop).


Surely hereā€¦