Slimtype SOSW-852s - firmware?



hi @all,

sorry about my english but … :rolleyes:

some question about the slimtype sosw-852s
in all reports standing that the unit can be burn double layer :iagree:
but in the nero infotool v221 is dl support not highlighted. :confused:

slimtype drive is in an acer-notebook and nero v63115 shows it as a slimtype sosw-852s --> works in the drive a modified firmware?
give it a firmware for that drive which have dl support or more? :bow:



To my knowledge this drive has native DL (+R9) 2.4x support. :wink:
Check this and this link.
(Although this is not confirmed on Nero burner compatibility list though…)

Download latest Nero Info Tool and check your specs again.

Update your Nero as well. :cool:


thx for reply,

same with new infotool227,nerov63120 show me no dl support too.
perhaps use acer a modified firmware to increase the power of the drive?
i mean not the complete burning speed and feature support?
i dont know?? … thx



Please backup your firmware and send it to me. I currently have PS01.


so i backuped the firmware and sent it to you.
i hope that is no impossible mission
whatever you can do please do it :bow:



hi dhc014,

you forgot to send me the PS01.

and by the way i test it with alcohol120 same issue no dl support.
in compatible device-list from alcohol is the sosw-852s marked to burn dl.