Slimtype DVDRW SOSW-852S not reading any discs



Hi All I am very new and have just signed up.

I think I have a similar probelm I have read on a couple of threads with my slimtype DVDRW SOSW-852S not reading any discs. It just spins until it gives up. The other problem I have is that I am not up with all this tech talk.

I checked device manager and it said the device is working fine. Does anyone know where I can download the driver and reinstall it again or a better way for me to try and fix this problem.

Cheers and I will try to assist in the forums where I can



Also I use norton ghost and was thinking of uploading my last update but if it doesnt read discs no would it read it in the update if you know what I mean.



Something else as well the website to get the driver and firmware is not on the web anymore according to my browser.



here is the latest firmware for sosw-852sx - make sure you use the correct firmware—i am not sure if your 852s and an 852sx are the same.

any device driver might be in the windows driver database for your item