Slimtype DVDRW issues/not reading dvd-r


I’m having some problems with my burner.

Firstly, the problem: I use to e able to read what I burnt without any problems, but in the last few months it jst doesn’t read my burnt media anymore. It tries to spin, and when it succeeds to spin, it then promptly stops and retries. Once in a while a grinding sound can be heard, but this is if I leave the media in the drive for an extended period of time while it tries and retries.

It seems that my drive has these issues primarily with DVD-R media, however the media I burnt is DVD+R and it doesn’t read it. It recognizes blank DVD+R, but not DVD-R. Commercial DVDs are read without any problems, I can burn dvds no problem as long as the media is DVD+R. No problems with CDs reading and writing.

At this point I’m at a loss, cause it used to work. When it was working I started taking longer to read certain media and due to other issues not pertaining to the DVD drive I performed a reinstall of Windows. It read DVDs but steadily declined to the current state.

I’m rather stumped at this point because I have no idea why it reads certain types of media and can’t handle others. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

My system: OS-Wndows XP Home (Version 2002), SP 2
My computer is an Acer Aspire 5000
My Burner is a Slimtype DVDRW SOSW-833S DVD±R/RW Dual Layer Recorder Firmware version VS04 (i updated the firmware hoping it would help, alas it did not, I did succeed in reversing the LED lights :rolleyes: )
Software mostly used for burning: Nero, CloneCD, DVD Decrypter, PowerISO

Theories: I suspect that the drive may have sustained some damage from overheating of the computer (there’s some cooling issues going on as well that i’m trying to resolve), but I can’t say that for sure because it would be strange that ithe damage would affect such specific media, so I have my doubts. My other theory is something got really farked up somehow in my setting, or in the registry or software-wise, but I have no idea what.

What really irks me that just a few months ago, everything worked just peachy.

Thanks for your time and help and sorry for the length of this post, Ijust wanted to be sure I mentioned everything I needed to mention (and I hope I didn’t forget anything)

Hi, it is interesting of your theory about overheating. I have had similar problem about the same drive (see ). Before the drive went wrongly, my computer, ACER Aspire 3003, had overheating problem, which caused itself automatically shutdown for few times.

I cannot be sure that the overheating was the kill, but I noticed when the computer went automatically shutdown, the CPU core temperature was about 80 degreeC. I guess the mainboard temperature would be at least about 60 or higher. This may have already over the drive’s limitation.

I don’t think the drive would come back to normal, but it is still worthy to clean the CPU fan and heat diffuser within your laptop. For ACER Aspire 3000/5000, that is not a very difficult job.

Wish helped.