Slimtype DVD A DS8A1H WH66 [E] (Ide) - FIRMWARE UPDATE?

I have a Slimtype DVD A DS8A1H WH66 [E] (Ide), and I believe this is a lite on burner… I have been trying to back up my dvds. The first two I worked fine, now every dvd gets the write error 03 0C 00. Im pretty sure it is because i need a firmware update, so where do i get an update for it? I tried the omnipatcher but I can’t find my current firmware on my computer lol… Thanks for the help

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assuming this drive came preinstalled in a computer, check the support website of the computer manufacturer for newer firmwares.
There is not much firmware support from the drive manufacturers for slim drives (since they are mostly sold to computer manufacturers), but you might check if you can find some firmware for your drive.


There are no updates on the website. What are my other options?


[quote=viper30j;2125318]There are no updates on the website. What are my other options?[/quote]Try other media. If even Verbatim fail, then there is something wrong with your drive (any warranty?) or system configuration.


i’ve a problem with my [B]slimtype DVD a DS-8A1H WH66[/B]
my little sister configure for error the region zone 2 and… i cant boot any disk (to install windows xp or windows vista) in hp website doesn’t have any softwares and firmware to download…