Slimtype DS8A1H burns coasters with MCC/004, TTH02

[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On Slim Tray-type 8x 4x 8x 4x DVDRW Drive. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have this Slimtype DS8A1H in a HP DV2910US bought late 2008.

With Maxell 16X DVD-R media ProdiscF02 type, burns are smooth and error free every time.

With TDK branded DVD-R TTH02 or Verbatim branded DVD+R MCC/004, the burns complete successfully, and are read without any errors, but the recorded data is corrupted as verified with md5sum on the files! I have so far been unable to burn a single TDK or Verbatim disc without errors, but every Maxell is fine.

The firmware is WH66 and I am using Ubuntu 8.10. Would I be likely to solve this problem through firmware hacking?

Try 8x media and see if you have the same problems.

Why do you suspect 8X media would be better than 16X?

Some burners do not like 16x if the max on them is 8x, unless you have modified firmware…

Even if they recognize the ATIP type of the 16x media they might still have problems? I don’t doubt you but can you elaborate on why this is the case?

Some drive just dont like 16x when the max of the drive is 8x.

What 8X media is recommended? Also, you mentioned modifying the firmware for 16X. Does this simply mean adding the atip codes to recognize newer media?