Slimtype Combo LSC-24082k won't write faster than 2x

can’t find any answers to this, hoping someone here can help me.

After I reinstalled my Acer Aspire 1350 laptop I can’t get the cd burner (Slimtype Combo LSC-24082k) to write faster than 2x!

Both the primary and the secondary channel is set to “DMA if available”, primary at ULTRA DMA mode 5, and secondary at ULTRA DMA mode 2.

I have tried uninstalling the drive, rebooting and installing the drive again.
I have also tried upgrading Nero (using version 6.6.15).

It doesn’t matter if I try to burn audio or data cds. There is nothing wrong with the harddrive. The burning media is Fujifilm, cd-r 52x. Have tried different medias.

Grateful for any ideas!

Hi & welcome :slight_smile: ,

Can you do a Benchmark as shown below with a burned or pressed CD - might shed some light on what’s happening. Usually people come here because their DVD’s only burn at 2X, but with CD’s this is pretty extreme :eek: .