Slimtype COMBO LSC-24081M

Problem… I have Slimtype COMBO LSC-24081M with driver version - 5.1.2535.0 (year 2001). Then I want to write / erase CD-RW Verbatim ULTRA-SPEED (16-24x) my PC shows me error – not supported disc. I tried to find some kind of update, but I couldn’t :frowning: Maybe some one could help me with it??? Thanks a lot!

i forgot to say, that i tried to download firmware from this site: but i got the following error: :frowning:

The drive burns CD-RW discs at 12x max, you cannot use 16x-24x discs in a drive that burns at 12x max. Please send me a backup of your OEM firmware made using LtnFW in Windows.

I putted my backup in here Why do You need it?

For my collection…


The drive burns CD-RW discs at 12x max

  • but Nero Info tool says, that this drive can write with speed 24x. I also remember that some of the disks CD-R I was writing in speed 20x.

i also checked the CD-RW (with nero info tool). It says that this disc supports and lower speeds. here is more info
Hmm, are You sure, that there is nothing to do, to make my drive write/erase my CD-RW?