Slimline to IDE adapter makes PC lock up (ND-6750A)

Please help, anyone!

I’ve tried to conquer this without posting, searching the forums so I won’t bug anyone, but I’m a newbie and I think this problem is a little to remedial for anyone to post for anyone, except for me. :doh:

Okay, here goes: I bought a NEC ND-6750A to replace the DVD drive in my Toshiba Satellite A55-S326. I don’t want to do the soldering fix at all on my new drive 'cause I don’t wanna screw up the warranty, so I decided to try the Liggy & Dee bootcode flasher for this model. As recommended, I bought a Slimline to IDE adapter to connect the new drive to my PC for the flasher, but it won’t power up AT ALL! I’ve tried it on two different PC’s but everytime I connect the IDE part and the power part to the PC, the PC just locks up and doesnt come on! I REALLY think it has something to do with the power supply connection, because not connecting the power supply cable to the DVD drive will allow the computer to come on, but connecting it just locks it up!

I feel like it’s a motherboard safety mechanism or something, but what else could be wrong?

Please help and thanks.


Do not forget to check the ide cable. If you connect it 180 degrees rotated, you will get nice power shortcuts.