Slimline ND-6750A reading/ejecting

Just got a used ND-6750A running f/w 2.61 and noticed that the drive does not eject or detect discs. Before returning it, I just wanted to check whether these are symptoms of the master / slave config or definitely a fault with it?

It is detected in the bios and also - when i try it in a USB caddy, it is also detected correctly, but in any case, it lights up briefly but does not eject, spin up or detect discs inserted. I have tried to eject from within Windows but that brings up an error trying to eject.

I can browse the details of the drive in Device Manager and can also dump the firmware, so part of me thinks is it a master/slave config problem or do all the symptoms point to a fault. All other slimline drives I have tried all eject and spin up.

Cheers for any pointers before I return it!

PS How can I check what it is currently set to?

I guess the eject button would still work if you mixed up master and slave (or cable select / reverse cable select).

Also if dumping the firmware works, this means that the IDE connection is working so your drive is using the correct mode for your PC.

2.61 firmware means that it’s a master / cable select firmware. That’s what should be working on most laptops - Toshiba laptops are the ones that often need slave / reverse cable select firmware.

Thanks again Liggy and hope you’re well?

Decided to return it as I too came to the same conclusion that the eject button, being a mechanical function shouldn’t be affected by master slave config, firmware or driver - as the seller intimated.

The drive wasn’t initialising and spinning up or detecting disc label. Some threads did refer to a master slave symptom of not being able to read some discs, so that was the only doubt.

Cheers for confirming my suspicions.

The eject functionality also requires a working firmware but that doesn’t seem to be the problem.

If the drive is not spinning and also the eject button doesn’t work, this could indicate a power issue. Perhaps only 5V is working while 12V is not - if these drives use the 12V line at all.

Anyway - returning the drive probably was the best you could do.