Slimline DVD writers




Can anyone recommend a laptop DVD writer that’s good for copy protections? I currently own a Matsushita (Panasonic) UJ-820S which is not a bad drive, but pretty useless for making backups - it can’t even do DAO RAW.

The two drives I have my eye on are the LiteOn SOSW-852S and Toshiba’s SD-R6472. I know both manufacturers make great desktop DVD writers (I have a Toshiba in my main machine, it’s a great drive for reading and writing most copy protections) but I don’t know whether this applies to their slimline drives too.

Can anyone say anything more about these drives? Searching uncovered quite some information about them, but not in relation to copy protection. So, would appreciate any information!



There are exactly the same apart from being slim to their normal versions.


Are you sure about this? As an example, here are the specs of Toshiba’s current top of the line DVD writers, taken straight from their home pages:

SD-R5372 (desktop): 5x DL DVD+R; 16x DVD+R; 12/16x DVD-R; 4x DVD-RW/+RW

SD-R6472 (slimline): 24x CD-R; 10x CD-RW; 8x DVD-R/+R; 4x DVD-RW/+RW

So the slimline is already quite a bit slower at writing DVD-R. I don’t see why this should be a direct consequence of their construction, so they do appear to be different. Of course, for copy protections what matters is that they both use the same chipset, and I suppose that is not unlikely given they both come from the same manufacturer.

Anyway, but if someone had some first-hand experience on either of these drives that would be perfect. :slight_smile: Thanks!


I mean ones that have the same model number but say slimline etc.