Slimline dvd burner with automatic bitsetting?

hey folks.

does anyone know a dvd burner for my toshiba notebook with automatic bitsetting (to dvd-rom) for dvd+r dl discs? lightscribe would be nice too. i want to get rid off my awful matshita drive.

thanks in advance for any help.

considered getting a full size external drive ? :slight_smile:

i would prefer an internal drive.

if there is no internal burner with automatic bitsetting available, a device with manual bitsetting would do the job too.

any suggestions? :smiley:

Where are you based? UK? US?

I know of a couple of UK sites that sell Laptop DVD Rewriters.

Just a note of caution, some Laptop DVD Rewriters don’t support Bitsetting out-of-the-box but can support automatic Bitsetting after upgrading the drives Firmware to a modified or hacked Firmware.