Slimline Blu Ray Drive Inquiry

Hello All!

I’m looking for a slimline blu ray drive for a HTPC build. I need some recommendations and am looking to spend sub $200. I found the Panasonic UJ-130 and the UJ-135 does anyone have any opinions on either of them or an entirely different recommendation.

Thanks in advanced!

Any advice would be great! Thanks!

i personally wouldn’t buy panasonic drive, generally firmware support is subpar, often has issues with ultilities like anydvd hd.

subpar dvd burning.

would take some research
but i know you can find LG, Pioneer, Samsung slimline drives on ebay

this pioneer looks quite interesting, and price aint bad.

What am I looking for when deciding between a drive? I just need some more insight so I can make an educated purchase that I won’t regret. Thanks for the responses thus far!