Slim to regular IDE adapter and IDE MASTER/SLAVE questions

I have just purchased a Plextor PX-608 (Pioneer DVR-K06) slot loading DVD recorder to replace my old Matshita (Panasonic) UJ-845 in my desktop system with Slim ATA to 40pin ATA adapter.

The only problem I have is that the new DVD recorder is recognised as IDE-SLAVE, although it is the end of IDE cable and is being the only device connected.

My previous one (UJ-845) was recognised as IDE Master properly.
And I am pretty sure that it has Cable Select setting, since updating to D102 firmware (Toshiba OEM) from, which is known to be cable-select firmware if I recall correctly, has not changed its IDE-Master recognisation.

However, as I have mentioned, PX-608AL is being recognised as IDE-SLAVE device.

I have contacted Plextor Europe to ask what firmware setting it comes and they have confirmed me that all PX-608AL comes with Cable Select setting firmware, with no option to change the IDE setting.

AFAIK, there’s no way to force PX-608AL to IDE-MASTER setting as with Pioneers DVR-K06.

So only one option left to me is to get new Slim ATAT to regular ATA adapter that has MASTER/SLAVE selection.

The adpater I have right now has 50pin connector (slim ATA) on one side and only 40pin connector (regular ATA) on the other side.
However, one I am about to purchase (one with MASTER/SLAVE jumper) has 4pin (Floppy Style) power connector.

So I am wondering;

Do I have to have connect the power to the adapter? Is this something neccessary?
Do most adapters come with power connector?
Why does my original adapter have no power connector?

Please, share your knowledge. :slight_smile:

Here are the pictures of both adapter:

the one I have right now

the one I am about to purchase

If your current configuration does not have a power connector then there is 5V being feed up the 40-pin IDE in a non-standard way. BE VERY CAREFUL

All drives need to be powered, after market slim-line adapters must have power in order to provide power on the 50-pin slim connector where the supply pins are defined in a standard manner.

Practically all slim-line drives are supplied in Cable Select mode, however some have the inverse logic for picking master or slave. These two standards are often refered to as +CSEL, -CSEL (Inverse CSEL). Cable Select means a pin on the cable high/low defines the master/slave setting of the drive. It is like having a jumper, but the jumper is external and typically depends on the wiring of the cable. That is why it is called Cable Select.

The jumper on the adapter pictured is presumable connected to pin 47 of the slim connector, and either connects it to ground, or leaves it open. Your original adapter could probably be modified to acheive the same effect.

The DVR-K06 is going to need an 80 conductor IDE cable to function correctly.

Again be careful, it seems that 5V is coming out of your motherboard, or is being injected via some cable harness not pictured.

Brother Vlad

Brother Vlad,

Thanks for your help.
I believe you are right.
And I have found out that my original DVD recorder, UJ-845, has inverted CSEL firmware.
In order to make my new DVD recorder to be recognised as IDE Master, Plextor PX-608AL needs to be flashed with inverted CSEL firmware.
I may have to contact Plextor Japan to see if I can get the inverted CSEL firmware since Plextor Europe won’t provide me one. :frowning:

What harm does it do if it is deemed to be a Slave ?

I mean, what is the benefit of it being treated as a Master ?

Anyone please chip in ?



i bought a new PLEXTOR PX-608AL in order to replace the original MATSHITA-Combo-drive in my TOSHIBA Tecra M4 laptop. After exchanging the drives the laptop started with a boot error (“IDE error 1” or so …). The drive was not detected by the OS. Only when i pushed the new drive “hot” into the select bay it was recognised. But also it works not right. And the problem persit when i started the laptop again. Then i contacted the european PLEXTOR-Support (esp. due to the exellent help of Mr.U.Schutz - Thanks !!!) via phone and it was very helpful. He send me a new firmware (2.01) for my new PLEXTOR PX-608AL. Then i installed the PX-608AL with the original firmware 1.01 into my old TARGA “Visionary XP”-laptop (around 5 years old with WinXP-Home). There it was recognised as a MASTER on the secondary IDE-port. Then i flashed the PX-608Al with the new firmware. Before rebooting the TARGA the PX-608AL was stated now as SLAVE on the secondary IDE-Port. During reboot the TARGA now showed an IDE failure. I put the PX-608AL into my TOSHIBA and … it works fine :-)" !!!

As i found inside the new firmware package the PLEXTOR PX-608AL and the PIONEER DVR-K06 are the same … .


Hi, Andrew

is there the possibility to send me also the firmware update, because i have exact the same problem with a Tecra M3.

regards Peter

Hi all,

i have have also received a firmware update for my Toshiba Tecra M3 from the plextor support and now my Tecra knows the drive as it should be and everything is fine.
Many thanks to Plextor for the fast help.

regards Peter

[QUOTE=speedy1971;2169651]Hi all,

i have have also received a firmware update for my Toshiba Tecra M3 from the plextor support and now my Tecra knows the drive as it should be and everything is fine.
Many thanks to Plextor for the fast help.

regards Peter[/QUOTE]

Did you not see that this is the Pioneer forum??


as i wrote

“… PLEXTOR PX-608AL and the PIONEER DVR-K06 are the same …”.

Thatswhy i think this could help PIONEER-hardware-users too or i am wrong ?

By, Andrew+

Your drive is still a Plextor. I doubt it can be crossflashed to a Pioneer anyway.