Slim PS2 DVD-+R/W playback

I read that the slim PS2’s can playback dvdr/w’s. I was wondering if it could play SVCD’s if I set the booktype to DVD-rom? or if I used DVDLAB to make it into a dvd? anyone try it?

It won’t read an SVCD no matter what. However if you convert it so it is DVD compliant then it will work just fine. You can however pick up PS2 Reality Media Player which will allow the PS2 to play divx/xvid files as well as Jpeg and MP3. :wink:

Mine plays them, but skips toward the end off a lot of burned movies. Then I will scan them afterwards and they are still perfect in kprobe and play fine in everything else. And these are quality medias too. Just another reason why I hate sony and don’t even know why I got the new ps2.

With what discs do you get the skipping on the PS2?

YudenT02, RicohjpnR01, MCC003, MCC004, Some Ritek media and some CMC. I think that about covers it.