Slim laptop drives are not getting any faster

The first slim laptop drives had speeds starting at ×16 for CDs, ×20 and still ×24.
There was one LG slim external Blu-Ray ×8, while all others are at ×6.

Higher burning speed causes quality drops, I know.
But what about the reading speed? For CDs ×24. DVD ×8, BD ×6, and has not been increasing at all.
Should laptop drives not soon hit 32× of CAV CD reading speed? And maybe ×10 for DVD, ×8 for BD and ×8 DVD DL writing speed instead of ×6.
DVD-RAM writing speed could be increased from ×5 to ×8 too.

Higer rpm causes more noise, more vibrations, more energy consumption (battery life), more heat.

These are enough reasons to stay at these speeds

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Correct. But that’s why I talk about the maximum speed.
The lower speeds are still available.

Additionally, a higher reading speed would reduce reading time when reading/copying data from discs, provided that the disc drive engine does not maintain or brake speed when no data is being read, just let the disc roll.

Any laptop HDD/ODD should be able to reduce rotation speed and slow/halt the writing process temporarily when vibration or external movement detected.