Slim external case

Anyone have a recommendation for a slim external hard drive case? I have a Sabrent case which works great on my ThinkPad, but doesn’t seem to work with about half the USB ports I plug it unto. My desktop with a Biostar board is one of those half. Every now and again it will work. Other times it will only show up, but not work or not show up at all. I tried updating USB drivers, Bios, chipset, etc. to no avail. I also have a USB card, doens’t work on that either. Thanks.

I bought an Adaptec ACS100 (USB2.0 only) from bestbuy. Pretty expensive but I used my Reward Zone $$ for that. Same problem, sometime it works and sometimes not. My trick is:

  1. Always use “Safely Remove Hardware” to disconnect the drive
  2. Never manually unplug or poweroff the USB case before #1

If somehow XP won’t recognize, here’s my trick:

  1. Turn off the PC and the USB case
  2. Turn on both at the same time.
    Don’t know why but it always works for me.

Thanks for the reply. I’m looking for an enclosure for 2.5" notebook hard drive. The one I have now is usb powered which is a feature I’d like to have, so the disc is always spinning while it is plugged in, even when I eject it from the system tray. There is no on/off switch. I’ve tried the reboot thing. It didn’t help when it is not seeing the drive. I could buy buy a pre-made one, but it seems silly to throw away the perfectly good hard drive I have now. If I could find a good case, I’d be willing to spend some money. Thanks.