Slim DVD Drive for Dell Inspiron 1720 Laptop



Hello all,

I currently have a TSST drive in my laptop which gives very poor burns when scanned with my Benq 1655 writer.

Can anyone recommend a slim drive that will give excellent burns on Taiyo Yuden media and also a drive that will fit into my laptop.

Will there be an issue with the drive being recognised due to the dreaded Vista and Dell combination.

Thanks in advance.



normally, you should install any drive in your notebook. The only problems might be

  • the front panel (if your Inspiron has the same custom frontplate as my Vostro 1500). I have not yet tried to remove it, but that should normally work
  • “master/slave settings”. These are defined by the firmware and cannot be changed via jumpers.
  • availability on the local market.

I’d personally vote either for LG GSA-T20N or a NEC.


EDIT: there are worse combinations than Dell+Vista :wink:


First of all, a slimdrive never will be able to burn in parity with halfhigh (ordinary) drive, no matter what model.
Post us some scans with DW1655, thanks.

Not completely truth, on almost any slimdrive you can solder pins; 47/48/49 (order depends by model) to get drive running in desired IDE mode.
There is much more to it but I’ll spare some aces. :flower:

[I]BTW,[/I] my Lenovo laptops (have 2 the same) use the same chipset “Mobile Intel GM965 Express”. And I must say I’m very satisfied with LG [GMA-4082N] DVDRW burners. No problems with Vista/XP/SuSE in multiboot setup. Minimum 2GB memory ofcourse. :smiley:


By the way, is there any slim notebook drive doing 8x CAV instead of Z-CLV burns on +R media?


The NEC ND-7551A did and I expect later drives to do the same. However this drive only writes CAV on +R not on -R


Here’s a scan as requested of a burn made on excellent TYG02 media.

Not a drive I would trust to backup important data :o


What happens when you scan that same disc with the laptop burner?


I can’t make a disc quality test from the TSST drive as the option to start is greyed out