Slim dvd cases



i’m looking for good quality slim dvd cases
the ones that i have from my Futurama and Family Guy series are my favorite:

no inside clips
easy release to open and close case
nice push button for dvd
only negitive is no inside lip on dvd tray but i think that’s not an option for any slimline case

where can i find these or something similar?


I would help to know which continent you are on.




I would get THESE. The slim cases come in black or clear. Meritline also has a very large selection of cases.


well i was hoping someone would know exactly what mine were.

um, i’ve heard good comments for rima’s “premium dvd cases” but i haven’t heard any comments for rima’s slim ones. how are they? do they open and close easily? are they flimsy or not? thanks


if anyone cares to know i think i found them!

specifically the DVD020-00009 and DVD020-00010

these look to be the exact same slim cases used for many tv series boxsets
high quality, easy open, nice hub, no inside clips
only drawback is that the minimum order is 200 cases
i think i’m gonna order them though so i will tell you how it turns out