Slim drives (notebook) questions

First of all, hello and congrats, this forum is the place to get info on drives… and I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted (searching), so here I am.

I have a notebook (Mitac 8050D) and want to replace my current DVD-ROM/CDRW drive (QSI SBW242B, FW version: UX52) with a DVD±RW DL drive. I always thought people would design those things to be automatic, but ohhh how wrong I was, always the same CSEL/Master/Slave thing.

Nero InfoTool shows my drive as Secondary Master (HDD on Primary Master), so what kind of drive should I buy?

The answer seems obvious: “Master”, but that will reduce the available choices… How do I know if the drive is truly “hard coded” as Master or if it is a cable select drive that is “mastered” by the notebook hardware (and as such I will be fine buying any CSEL or master drive)? Or even worse: am I getting all this drive thing wrong? I probably should ask Mitac about that, but you know how manufacturers are to answer questions… :bigsmile:

Finally, after all this basic theorical help, what drives do you have in mind? I’ve heard Pioneers are always good.

Forgive my all-things-optical noobishness: do any “wisdom” correction you feel necessary! and thanks for your time!