Slightly strange problem



If I bootup my computer with a disk in my 716uf it slows down and knocks off the boot from harddrive process. Also the mouse quits working. The only solution is to remove the disk, restart the computer, and F10 it to reset boot from harddisk. Anyone else have this problem? Is it normal are it just a kink with my system. If I make sure there is no disk in this drive its fine. Two other drives are fine with disks in them at bootup. What???


Nobody have this situation. Now I know its strange.


Since you’re using an external drive, in your BIOS try to search for an option that lets you boot from USB devices. If you can find it, disable it. What I think happens now is that your BIOS is set to boot from USB devices and when it recognizes a disc in your PX-716UF it tries to boot from it, which fails and hangs your computer. By disabling this option your problem will hopefully be solved.

Let us know if it works!


Thank you much I think you have the answer.


I think the easiest solution to this problem (if the BIOS settings don’t solve it) is to take the disc out of the drive before reboots or shutdowns. Sounds stupid, but hey… :wink: