Slightly OT: Software Update for "Plextor's" InstantCopy

As I mentioned in the subject line, this is certainly off topic here BUT there might be someone only in this group who can help.

My 716 came with InstantCDDVD LE, which includes InstantCopy 8.0.blabla. I want to benefit from the excellent transcoding engine. However, running IC on XP Pro results in crashes as soon as I want to transcode the main movie only. So, I’ve downloaded the IC update to v8.3, it installs fine but does apparently not make any change to the version numbers – and the damned thing will keep crashing. Plextor’s support page just has a link, that is it.

My question is: Is the Plextor-provided version excluded from the update process?

P.S.: Pinnacle has not responded yet.