Slightly OT: powerdvd & w2k :(



i just can’t get this thing to work in W2K Pro. i get this error:

PowerDVD does not support the current display mode. (DDraw Overlay mode is recommended)

Please lower the screen resolution and color depth, for example, 800 x 600 with 256 colors. Or you may adjust the refresh frequency, for example, to 75 Hz.

i tried these “solutions” the program suggests, no results. The sound will play, but there’s no image at all, just a blank screen.
Reinstalled DirectX 8, nothing.
Changed drivers for my Annihilator Pro (Geforce DDR), nothing.

ANY ideas what causes this? :confused:


try it with DX7


and how do i uninstall dx8 ?


Originally posted by kaisersoze

PS i’ve mailed it to you…

Okay… I didn’t.

If you give me your email, I’ll mail it (it’s only 80KB). Or you can find it an the net I guess…


there’s a tool called (surprise!) DX Uninstaller.

It’s a nice thing to have cause DX can be a big pain in the …

PS i’ve mailed it to you…

THIS should 've been the first message… :slight_smile:


i already have this, but i thought that it was for w9x only. i’ll give it a try and come back for results :slight_smile:


Are you using powerdvd 3.0?
I don’t think earlier versions run under win2k