Slightly OT : DAO vs TAO

Can someone enlighten me? I originally downloaded a bin + cue file. The original one had :

TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00

I used Nero + DAO to backup this bin. After that I used cdrwin to image it again, and it turned out slightly different :

TRACK 01 MODE2/2336
INDEX 01 00:00:00

Is there any difference? I heard that DAO was better for closing the disc, will the data be affected? Using MD5 to check, both bin files crc’s were different too.

Seems you forgot to check the ´RAW´ checkbox in CDRWin …
what you see in the cue-sheets is Mode2-RAW image (2352) vs. Mode2-cooked image (2336) … if you enable RAW read mode in CDRWin the cue-sheets should be the same - this has nothing to do with DAO vs. TAO, although DAO is important for RAW-writing …

Yes, Copytrooper is correct. Since you didn’t enable RAW mode, it left out the P-Q (R-W?) subchannel information. MOst of the time it doesn’t make a difference but when dealing with some protections (SecuRom, Cactus) it can make a difference between success and a coaster.

Yes, I did not check the RAW mode in cdrwin since this was just a normal bin file. Thanks for clearing this up.:smiley:

Originally posted by DanDaMan1487
Since you didn’t enable RAW mode, it left out the P-Q (R-W?) subchannel information.

i thought that it was 2048 bytes for non-raw, and 304 for error correction. i dont see the subchannel as being part of those, but then again, i dont really understand them yet anyways. just a random thought

No - it has nothing to do with subchannel data …
RAW data sector is always 2352 bytes, Mode1 cooked sector is 2048 bytes, Mode2 cooked sector is 2336 bytes, while Mode1 RAW sector contains also EDC & ECC bytes, Mode2 only contains EDC bytes …
the 96 bytes subchannel data are additional - the total writable data is 2448 bytes per sector (2352 + 96) …

But my 540E is not properly detected in cdrwin 3.9a as it has a max speed of 24x only instead of 40x which is why I’m forced to use nero.

But I suppose its ok right, since the bin files which I have has no protection whatsoever.