Slightly Off Topic Here's A Photo Of C0deKing's Workshop!


WoW thats a lot of open trays. Those disc on the left are so neatly sorted. I would never think that a hurricane came by for a visit. Thats a real nice setup wish I had one :eek:


Looks like an illegal copy house :cop:

No Sir :o

Every Disc Is For Kprobe & Nero CD-DVD Speed Scans :iagree:

<Looks like an illegal copy house> lol
But this is the view when he goes on holiday! Oh yes!
(Top of Mount Cook - South Island of NZ, never wanted to come down.)

wow! but I wouldn’t like to pay that electricity bill :stuck_out_tongue:

ROTFL :). Hehe, it’s tidier than my workshop :stuck_out_tongue: and I have a lot more used discs lying around. Yes, mostly Nero CD-DVD Speed. I ran out of movies and data to backup a long time ago.

Maybe OC-Freak could relate to seeing that many drives. :slight_smile:

Good one Pulsee… :slight_smile:

Intensecure, that snow looks so good. My nearest Mountain, Mt. Ruapehu, has 30cm of snow in the top carpark today. Just bought my season pass (it’s half price this month :)).

The Rugby team from Ruapehu, the Rovers I believe came out here to Tucson, AZ on tour years ago when I was playing for the University of Arizona to play us. A nice bunch of lads. Just had a visit from another rugby friend from NZ Grant Graham who played for I believe the Ottahu club. Damn I miss those days.

The 3rd tray from the top on the 2nd tower on the bottom left has fake TY inside :slight_smile:

mind blowing mate … keep up the good work … :slight_smile: