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hey all

im new to the forum but ive been reading up and researching quite a bit about firmware/drives/media and everything else in this great forum. Only places ive ever seen such dedication would be at or I recently bought a new OEM ND-3550A from newegg, and i flashed it to Liggy’s 1.Y6 firmware. I also have a spindle of 16X memorex DVD-R’s. I burned an image of a game to a dvd with Alcohol 120, maximum speed and DOA enabled. For some reason, my burner never reaches 16X, it goes up to about 12.5X before the dvd is done. Is there a reason I can’t reach 16X? Also, the memorex cd’s have a piece of paper with them that states a firmware upgrade is needed to burn at 16X with these new 16X discs. Other than that the burner is great.

Thanks very much, proud to be a new member

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If a disc is written in CAV (Costant Angular Velocity), the 16x speed is reached only in the final part of the disc. See the pic as example: burning speed rise progressively from an initial value (arrow on the left) to a final value (arrow on the right).

If you burn less than 4 GB on a disc, max speed will never reach 16x

thx for the reply geno, appreciate it. Umm i burned the disc at 3.98 gb, a game called Condemned to be specific. Are you saying that I was for sure burning at CAV, and thus didnt reach 16X? Is there a possibility the firmware is holding me back or the memorex dvd’s?

Almost any burner use CAV or P-CAV as writing strategy.

Any drive burn a disc @16x only in terminal part of the disc. Some drives start at an higher speed, like LG drives for example, so they reach 16x speed faster (see the pic as example).

right, i see. i hope that doent mean i should have bought an LG or liteon instead of NEC. Just another quick question, Idon know if you have the solution to this, but is Liggy and Dee’s modified firmware the same as NEC’s official firmware with some added patches and improvements? or is it a completel different compilation. Does this mean that the official firmware has more support for differernt types of media?

also, when i buy blank media at the store or online, how do i determine the media code of the product i want to buy? is there any way to determine, or should i just buy Tayo Yuden and Verbatim, TDK etc.

Sorry, I’m not able to answer about Liggy and Dee firmwares

To retrieve mediacode you can use dvd identifier or cd-dvd speed, both free, but there is no indication of mediacode on the box.

yeah, but that would mean i would have to open the cds prior to purchase, which i cant do, but thanks anyways

Some brands are know to be good media

Verbatim and any media made in Japan usually

I have never seen nor heard so far that Verbatim brand being produced in Japan, Verbatim is Taiwaneese brand and company not Japaneese.

Sorry for mistake, sometimes my poor english made me make errors :flower:

What i mean is that verbatim are good media, and other good media are usually all made in Japan discs.

Anyway, some made in Japan media are sold under the brand verbatim, and these are genuine TY discs.

Liggys and Dees FW is the best period for this drive and NECs in general :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: . Flash away and enjoy the burn man. :cool: :bigsmile: