Slight problem



There’s some kind of error that keeps poping up and it’s pretty much happened with the last 4 disks I’ve burnt.

As soon as I click burn, an error displays for a nanosecond before I get to see/take a snapshot of it, and it starts the burning procedure and finishes it normally.

I’ve tried taking a snapshot of it but it’s not possible. It only displays for some microseconds and makes a Windows XP error.wav sound (not any of the normal CloneDVD sounds)

I have no problems with my disks burnt (I’ve yet to try the standalone, but they play fine on my comp).

I just want to know the error that’s poping up and dissappearing before I can take a see/take a snapshot of it.



Go to Slysoft homesite and download the latest versions - CloneDVD 2821 and AnyDVD 5111.
Hope it helps


It’s not an error it is a message saying “please put a DVD in the drive” :slight_smile: but as you already have one in it clears itself and starts burning. try NOT putting a blank DVD in and you will see the message for longer.


You should upgrade as Kunolobo suggested and also follow MadBob’s advice.
If the problem persists I would think it may be XP or other software causing the error.
If so, you may want to look at the Event Viewer where it may offer a hint of an error message.


No, I believe it is just like MadBob said. CloneDVD has a tendency to pop up the “Insert Media” message briefly, if DVD-R media is inserted. This is just a little cosmetic “glitch”. There is no influence on the copy. I personally prefer +R media anyway… :slight_smile:


…I only use +R media and it happens…

I made a big jump from to just last week or 2, and I never had the error in

/wonders what happened between and to start causing it.


It does that on my +RW media, as well. I’ve always ignored it and went on with life, but, it does show up.