Slight flickering during movement

I backed up a DVD that was mastered from an HD source. The audio was fine but the video had a slight flicker to the movement. I used CloneDVD2, Memorex DVD+R DL and burned on a Pioneer DV108. If I were to buy a better burner would that make a difference or is it the software/blank media? :frowning:

Not sure I am following you, does the original dvd flicker? It does not sound like a dvd burner issue though (pioneers burn dl well), more like a mastering issue.

I used to see this with NTSC movies where the original was an avi file. The conversion from 23.97fps to 29.97fps never went too well. It was due to Tmpgenc not doing the pulldown very well.

The original was a high end sampler with video recorded from HD master (absolutely no flicker) and the audio was recorded direct to digital with no equalization, 5.1 and 24/96 stereo tracks. My Pioneer DV-108 was set to max speed in DVDClone2, so I changed it to 12x using 16x Verbatim DVD+R’s. It does look like a pulldown or conversion problem (it’s a very slight flickering during movement), any fix? :bow:

Could try a filter to smooth the picture. dvdrebuilder using cce with a filter would work.