Slideshows & video clips together with Nero Vision Express




I used to burn VCDs slideshows to be watched on standalone DVD Player.
To do the job, I used VCDEasy which in addition, allowed me to mix the still pictures with the video clips created by my Canon camera.

In order to have the possibility to store more pictures in the media, I decided to use DVDs which forced me to change software and encoder.

I have tried Nero Vision Express 3 which I guess uses Nero Recode2 to encode.

I must say that while appreciating the functionalities of NVE3, I am disappointed by the quality of the encoding, comparing to the one of VCDEasy.

The pictures are too bright and not as sharp (probably as a consequence of the high brightness but not sure).

Therefore, my first question is any of you have experienced the same issue.

My second problem: I cannot mix still pictures and video clips as before, at least I cannot find the way in NVE3.

I have around 2000 still pictures and around 100 video clips, I could do the encoding of the 2000 jpg + 100 avi to DVD PAL MPEG2 using TMPGE 3.0 Express.

But then, I need a software that gives me a wide choice menus, ect.

Do you have any idea what I could use?

Also, alternative solutions are very welcome, I was thinking to encode via TMPGE 3.0 Express in order to have a better quality in terms of output comparing to what I get with NVE3.

What a pity that VCDEasy is not called DVDEasy!

Thank you!