Slideshow onto DVD with the photos in a directory separately

I’ve just made a fairly large Slideshow of a Charity event (some 438 photos, approx 1.2Gb) and I’d like to put the slideshow onto DVD with the photos in a directory separately. I’m sure this can be done, but its not obvious from the software I’m using (Photoshop Premiere Elements, Nero 7 Reloaded) how to achieve this. Both slideshow (created as a DVD in Premiere) and photo directory come to less than a DVDful. The idea is that, with the same DVD, you can insert it in your DVD player to view the slideshow and then put it in your computer to edit/print the photos.
This is probably a trivial exercise, but I’m stumped! Advice or ideas welcome?

As you said you have Nero, select “Make You Own DVD Video” and that should open Nero Vision 4. You need to select “Male Slide Show”. Follow the prompts and select any options you want.

Here is the link for the help file.

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Many thanks for your reply and welcome.

I have looked at this part of Nero previously, but this will make a new slideshow (at least, it wont allow me to import the slideshow I’ve already got). I’ve got the slideshow already made as a DVD with menu, made in Adobe Premiere (a standalone DVD that will play in a DVD player). What I’m hoping to be able to do is have the still photos that comprise the slideshow in a directory on the same disc so that people can access the photos via their computers, rather than have to give out 2 discs.

I’m sure I’ve seen this done elsewhere, but I cannot seem to figure out how!