Slide Tool Help

I’m trying to use Swap Magic and it came with a slide tool. The instructions on their website are down, and the example video isn’t clear enough for me to see.

My problem is the faceplate (i guess is what it’s called) of the disc tray has a Playstation logo on it. So I can’t insert the slide card anywhere but over the top of the tray. On their example video, it looks like this faceplate is removed…but their website says no modifications to the PS2 are necessary. How do I remove this faceplate to be able to use the slide card…or what am I missing? The package came with this one slide tool, and two discs. I rarely use my PS2, so I don’t want to install the flip top or a modchip.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. I’m not exactly sure which version of the PS2 I have. It’s not the slim one. And the Swap Magic people say this will work with all versions of the PS2. I cannot figure out where to insert the Slide Tool for the life of me!


here are instructions